Calvary Chapel Grants Pass, Oregon
Men's Ministry


You might have seen this NIKE company slogan in a store or in one of their ads on TV. It is advocating an approach to life that is admirable if we know what the "it" is that we should be doing.

The Bible answers that question in James (James 1:22 " what it (God's Word) says..."), Ephesians (Eph. 2:20 "...Created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."), and in many other places.
There is a clear imperative to not just know what God says we should do but to do those things He has prepared for us to do in increasing measure as we grow in ourwalk in Him/ It means conforming our faith to His will by making the right choices as we go about our daily routine. We are taking this slogan, with our Biblical understanding of what "it" is, as our theme for 2013.

Last year we had as our theme for the year, "Where the Rubber meets the Road", and we learned over the year what putting our faith into action could look like, culminating in our retreat that was focused on the book "The Resolution" from the movie "Courageous". Those of us reading through this book have found it very effective in showing us what an application of God's Word in allaspectsof our life would look like. It isan awesome picture of what God has created us to be as Godly men.

Now is the time to commit to those things we know God wants us to do and even more importantly what He wants us to be (more like Christ) by "Just doing it". No Procrastination! No Excuses! No Self-Deception! Just a straightforward prayer for wisdon and discernment, and a full surrendering of our will to His. Letting God fill us with His presence and love so we can love the hard to love with His love through us and become the man, husband, father, grandfather, and friend that God designed and created us to be. We invite all men to join us in this Godly adventure!
1 John 2:17