Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

To add your prayer to this list or update your request, please fill out the form below or call the church office at (541)476-6827. Requests will remain online for 3 weeks.

8/31: Sandy P.
Please keep Sandy in your prayers. She’s had several health issues develop. Her doctor did several tests and she goes back to the doctor soon to see what the test results reveal. Pray that the doctor would be able to tell her what’s going on. Pray that the Lord would give the doctor wisdom and the right treatment. Update: Please continue to pray for Sandy. She ended up having to go to the ER with severe weakness. She’s had the Covid test done but it’s come back negative and the doctors can’t seem to find out what’s causing the weakness and exhaustion. Prayers for healing!

8/31: Shirley Barrow
Please continue to pray for Shirley Barrow and her family. Update: Shirley ended up getting Covid, and is now in the hospital. Her oxygen level was low so they kept her there. They have placed her on the cardiac care unit so they can give her more attention. Her son, Gary, was at the hospital with a possible blood clot. Please keep the whole family in prayer!

8/31: Prayers for all the kids starting school.
Pray for their protection and that the Lord would guard their hearts and minds and protect them from the lies of the enemy!

8/31: Please pray for all the firefighters battling these big fires.
Pray for their safety and strength. Also be in prayer for those in the path of these fires; for those who’ve lost their homes and businesses! Pray also for those that have been affected by hurricane Ida. Pray for God’s provision, protection, and strength. Pray that in all this destruction and hardship, hearts would be drawn to our Lord and Savior!

8/30: Yvonne Hinman
Prayers for Yvonne as she has a cataract surgery on September 14th. Pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

8/30: Trista
Pray for her parents to close on their home and to find and get financing for the home here!
Prayers for Trista’s dad to find work as well.

8/26: H.L. Polston
Update: H.L. & Mary are doing well. They have come home from Springfield and H.L.
is able to do dialysis closer to home. Please continue to pray for God’s strength for both him and Mary.

8/26: Gary Calland
Praise! Gary finally coming home today after a long battle with Covid! Praise God for His healing, strength, and faithfulness!

8/24: Curt Hutson
Prayers for Nancy, Curt’s wife. Curt went home to be with the Lord last week. Pray for God to surround Nancy and the rest of the family with His presence and peace.

8/24: Ellen
Please keep our sweet sister in Christ, Ellen, in your prayers. Her husband Marty passed away unexpectedly. Pray that the Lord would comfort her and the rest of the family as well.

8/18: Afghanistan
Urgent prayers needed for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Afghanistan, and all the innocent men, women, and children who are in danger from the radical Islamic group. Pray for a mighty work of God; that He would put His angels around all of these innocent people and protect them! Pray that God would open the eyes of these terrorists and that they would experience Jesus!

8/18: Haiti
Also pray for the people in Haiti where there was an earthquake and then on top of that, tropical storm Grace that has been dumping rain on them. Pray for provision, protection, strength, and peace
for them as well.

8:16: Deanna
Please pray for her parents, Dennis & Sherry. Sherry broke both ankles in a fall while walking. Wisdom for surgery on one ankle (tbd), and wisdom to see if there is a reason for the fall(s) she has been having.

Continued prayers for Israel , the US, our government, President, our servicemen, women and families, and the children of our nation.

Prayer Request Form

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