Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

To add your prayer to this list or update your request, please fill out the form below or call the church office at (541)476-6827. Requests will remain online for 3 weeks.

8/2 - Jeanne Lovejoy: Please keep her in prayer. She recently had surgery for kidney failure. Pray for a speedy and compete recovery.
7/29 - Sadie: Please keep her in prayer as she is having some surgeries done. Pray for strength and a quick recovery.
7/29 - Linda Fairhurst: She is going in for surgery on Friday. Pray for a quick recovery.
7/29 - Lyn Luther: She is going in for surgery soon. She is a diabetic on dialysis.
7/26 - Maddie: She is in her first pregnancy and she has a history of fluid in her brain that is causing her to lose her sight. She is a straying Christian.
7/26 - Ruth: Please keep her son, Edward, in prayer. He had to check into the hospital to check on the cause of a continuing cough and anemia. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, a quick healing and peace.
7/26 - Cindy Van: Pray for Cory Webb, for answers when she goes to the neurologist on the 29th.
Also, please continue to pray for Monica, for total healing and relief from pain.
Also, for Nick Smiderle, pray for quick recovery.
7/26 - Jeff & Becky - Update: They have found another house to move into! Please pray for God to provide for the move-in expenses.
7/26 - Gabe - Update: He is doing well after being bitten by a dog. Please continue to pray that he would surrender to Jesus.
7/22 - Linda & Kevin: Their niece is in ICU; emergency back surgery with BP and pulse issues. Pray for God’s healing touch over her. Also, prayer for Linda’s friend, who’s daughter, Gabby, has been admitted to the hospital. They think she has Covid. She’s very sick. Pray for God’s healing touch over her as well.
7/22 - Pastor Troy & Margaret: Please pray for our son, Dan. He's leaving to fight a wildfire for two weeks. First one he's done in a couple years. Please pray for his safety.
7/22 - Judy Bumgardner - Update: Chip's test for COVID came back positive, but he and Lindsey are on the mend! THank you for all your prayers! Please continue to pray that he would surrender to Christ.
Also, please pray for my son Michael. His dog was bitten by a snake or recluse. Pray for healing for the dog Jerico and comfort for Michael.
7/22 - Anonymous: Prayers needed for a U-Turn wife. She was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Pray for healing, strength to endure, and peace. Pray that they won't fall as they face this battle.
7/19 - Terri: Please keep her sister, Gina, in prayer. She recently had a stroke. also, please pray for help in regards to her 92 year old mother in-law.
7/19 - Antonia: Please pray for her Aunt Maria, Uncle David and their son, Osbaldo. Maria and David have tested positive for COVID and their son has been exposed. Also, please pray for their salvation.
7/19 - Sheri: Please pray for her friend, Pastor Terry, who lost his wife to cancer last week. Pray for God's strength, comfort and peace. Pray that God would comfort him and the rest of his family. In Pastor Terry's words: "I am rejoicing that she is in the presence of Jesus, and she is out of her prison (body)".
7/19 - Bruce & family: Pray that  the Lord would open doors for Bruce to be able to provide for his family. Also, for peace and healing.
7/19 - Vangie: Please continue to pray for her arm to heal completely, and for relief from the pain.

Be in prayer for the pray them to heaven group. Pray for all the family members, friends, etc., that need salvation!

Pray that each day we, as a church body, would be led by the Holy Spirit. That He would show us any way we are grieving, quenching or resisting Him. Pray that He would convict us and lead us to level ground and help us to keep in step with Him; walking in His will and doing the work He has given each of us to do.

Pray that the Lord would teach us to use what we’ve received to serve others and faithfully administer His grace - whatever form that takes. That He would Help us exercise our gifts in love and remind us to keep fanning into flame the gifts He’s entrusted to us.
Please also continue to pray for the salvation and peace of Israel; for our President and government, for our servicemen and women and their families, as well as the corona-virus victims/families, medical staff,  first responders and essential workers.

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.
Personal information like name and phone number are optional. Leave these blank to remain anonymous, or fill it in if you would like us to follow up and pray with you.