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Current Prayer Requests

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

To add your prayer to this list or update your request, please fill out the form below or call the church office at (541)476-6827. Requests will remain online for 3 weeks.

5/18: Vic and Thea Sternberg-Please pray for Vic as he has been having mini-stroke like episodes, and was taken to ER yesterday. They are awaiting test results. Also for improved pain control for Thea.
5/11: Michaela and Tom- For their very disabled 9 year old daughter, Malia. She has surgery for severe and rapidly advancing scoliosis 5/19. They have 2 other children at home with special needs. They are believers. Please pray for a successful outcome, no complications and for protection on every level.
5/10: Monica Brown- She had a spinal tap last week due to lesions on neck/brain. Please pray for good and hopeful results and wisdom how to proceed. Also she is in great pain and would appreciate prayers for healing and strength!
5/10: Glenda- For her friends, Noni and Ross. They both have Hepatits C (his is severe). They are not saved. Please pray for salvation and healing.
5/10 : Helen Woods- Please pray for a successful surgery on the cancer in her neck (1-2 weeks from now); and that her scan done last week would have good results.
5/10: Dave and Kathy Leary- Please keep them in prayer as they travel to Mayo Clinic for Dave's hernia repair surgery -(was 5/18). For very successful results, no more cancer or complications; for health and travel mercies.
5/10: Anonymous- for our grown children-that they would return to the Truth in Christ and reject the socialist/communist/liberal agendas.
5/10: For the upcoming elections, wisdom and godliness for our elected officials. For the reopening of the church and state. Protection of our freedoms, protection from the Covod 19 virus and from government abuses and overreach.
5/10:  Gale: For her brother, John, who is in a  Nursing Home and not allowed any visitors. Please pray for his comfort and healing.
5/9: For all the people in our body that are alone or in a facility-for God;s peace, comfort and protection and provision.
5/6: Antonia -  She is recovering from surgery, Please pray for another upcoming surgery, that she and Aaron, and the doctors would have wisdom how best to proceed for her endometriosis. For a hopeful and good outcome!
 5/2: Shirley Barrow- Please pray for her cousin, Helen and her daughters, Bobbie, Maria and Terry- for salvation and healing of medical issues. Helen could pass any time due to a bad heart and lungs. Terry is going through chemo for melanoma.
5/2: Deanna- For her neighbors: their 15 year old daughter just committed suicide (for unknown reasons). For God's great comfort for the family.
4/30: Lezle- For Sue Paris; she is a diabetic and just had a breast biopsy that is not good. She will return for another biopsy next week.
4/25 :Tamera Adame- Please pray for her family. Their oldest daughter's ex husband is going to trial soon. Please pray the Lord;s will regarding his sentencing and salvation. There has been much pain for her and the two children (15, and 16 years). Please pray for healing and salvation for her daughter and the grand kids.
4/25: Bruce- He has been having left sided chest pain and has to have Cardiac tests done. He has been under extreme pressure this past year. Please pray for healing, that the medicines work well,  wisdom and help with all the circumstances of caring for his mom, siblings (one a recent quadriplegic) and his own 2 kids. --- Update- he is doing some better. That the medicines they gave him would be very effective.
4/25:Daniel and Elizabeth Delma- Please pray the gospel would continue to go out through their ministries in Burkina Faso and for protection in every way and for provision.
4/24: Missy- Please pray for her to regain her strength quickly after the illness she's had; to be able to do all she needs to do and for the Lord to help her carry the stressful load she has. She has been very weak and lightheaded.  For His help in every area.
4/23: Ruth Durham- She would greatly appreciate prayer for the pain on her right side. Her doctor says he thinks it is severe arthritis and wants to do injections. She is unable to take pain medications. Please pray for wisdom what to do and for relief.
4/23: Linda and Kevin Darr- Please pray for Linda's sister,  Helen, as she lost her husband to a heart attack on Monday.  He accepted Jesus very recently, praise the Lord! She is also suffering from cancer.

              Please also continue to pray fo the salvation and peace of Israel; for our President and government, for our servicemen and women and their families, as well as the corona-virus victims/families, medical staff,  first responders and essential workers.

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