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“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

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11/30: Jeanie Legaspi • Prayers for my sister Lucy. She had pancreatic cancer 3 years ago but it has returned. She's given up and no longer wants to live. Please pray for her salvation too.

11/30: Terry Westcott • Please keep Terry in your prayers. He had gone to the ER on Tuesday, thinking he may have had a heart attack, but praise God his heart is fine, but they did say he is anemic so the doctors are trying to figure what’s going on with that. Pray that the Lord would heal his body and that the doctors would be able to figure out the best way to help.

11/30: RJ • Please continue to pray for RJ.  She’s doing somewhat better but still not %100.

11/29:  Lloyd Cottrell • Please continue to pray for Lloyd and his kidney disease. Update: He goes to the Doctor on Dec. 5th, and he does have to go on dialysis. Prayers for God’s peace and comfort to surround Lloyd.

11/28: Darrell Miller • Prayers for Darrell’s wife Marilyn. She is going in for another knee surgery next week. Please pray for a good outcome and complete healing.

11/28: David Buell • Prayers for my wife Connie. For the Lord’s healing for her health. Also pray for me as I travel. Pray for the Spirit’s leading and safety. Pray for my son, Denver and his safety as he works for TSA and for his relationship with his girlfriend; that he does things God’s way. For Brooklyn and her studies, and for Dakota; that his heart would be softened toward the Lord and his relationship with me.

11/21: DeEtte Roberg • Please pray for DeEtte. She had taken a fall and was in the hospital for a
few days. She is back home but still very sore. Prayers for God’s healing over her and relief
from the pain. Update: DeEtte is doing much better. Continue to pray for complete healing.

11/20: Ann Paulson & Chris Shartle • Prayer regarding spiritual warfare. Prayers for God’s help in
defending over the enemy. Also pray for trust and strength.

11/20: Chris Martinho Jr • Chris was in U-Turn a couple of years ago.  There was an explosion in his house.  He is badly burned. Update: Both Chris and Kelsey are in critical but stable condition. They are at Legacy Emanuel Burn Center in Portland.

11/8: Cory Webb • Prayers for my brother-in-law, Ed Counts. He’s in the ER for the second time with severe chest pain. He had a massive heart attack about 6 months ago. Prayers for peace and healing.

11/8: Cathy Nehf •Prayers for Cathy as she is having a loop recorder placed in her chest to
monitor her heart. She is also having cataract surgery on her right eye and stent placed in eye
on Nov. 28th.

11/6: Robin Harrell • Please pray for my friend Pete. He was diagnosed with  colon cancer and
It’s terminal. His wife Corey is having a hard time too, so prayers for her as well.

11/1: Anne Kaun • Please pray for strength and energy. Also for my body and legs. Pray for God’s
healing touch.  Also keep praying for her sister in-law Katie Wisniewski who has Uterine Cancer.
She will find out this week  what kind of treatment she will have.

11/1: Nadine Allen • Prayers for Nadine’s mom, Shannon. She was recently diagnosed with lung
cancer and will be seeing an oncologist. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for peace for Shannon and the rest of the family.

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