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Current Prayer Requests

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

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3/10: Brandon K. • Prayers for Olivia Wilson. She had gall bladder surgery on the 13th.  Pray for a speedy recovery.
Also, pray that I would be able find a vehicle to be able to get back and forth to work.

3/5: Gale O • Pray for continued healing of her back and shoulders as well as for salvation of her niece-in-law.

3/5: Jaci • Pray for positive results for her MRI and that her foot will get better.

3/5: Kelly • Mother-in-law Beatrice Heng had a stroke affecting her left side. Pray that she can start moving the left side of her body.

3/5: Helen S  • Having a brain MRI 3/16. Pray for a simple fix that will be quick. Pray that it is not a long term fix.
Also prayers for Donald, overseer of Phase 1 U-turn. He injured his right knee. Pray for his healing and for the pain to go away.

3/5: Jessica • Pray for her family to be saved, redeemed, and restored.

3/5: Angela • Pray for good result from her MRI, that it comes back clear.

3/5: Vicki • Pray for healing for her son and daughter-in-law from Lyme disease.

3:5: Linda D • Pray for sister-in-Christ Stacy for healing of her knee, possibly torn meniscus.

2/28: Prayers for Pastor Kevin as he gets surgery on his foot. Prayers for a quick recovery.

2/28: Jeanie L. • Please pray for Jules. He is on hospice now waiting to go home. Prayers for daughter Heidi; that she will come to know and trust, Jesus Christ alone during this difficult time.

2/27: Kandie • Pray for healing of her back.

2/27: Shari • Pray for healing of her finger. Pray for wisdom on getting a 2nd shot in a couple of weeks. Pray for niece and her husband; for their marriage.

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