Prayer Requests

Current Prayer Requests

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
-Matthew 7:7

To add your prayer to this list or update your request, please fill out the form below or call the church office at (541)476-6827. Requests will remain online for 3 weeks.

3/31: For Holly- She is on a ventilator in hospital. Peace for her and for family.
3/31: Brandy and family - comfort as Karen and Cowboy have recently passed away. Praise-they both recieved Jesus before passing!
3/30: Thea S. - Please pray for comfort and strength. Pray that the Lord would ease the pain in her back.
3/27: Deseree- For her Mom, Molly, 82. She had a stroke recently and cannot talk, but can understand.
3/27: Richard - That the Navy would approve 100% insurance coverage for him. For his memory and protection from virus.
3/27: Scott - Please pray for his protection in every way. He is homeless, has mental problems and is unsaved.
3/27: Denise - For Jeff. He needs salvation and protection. He has COPD
3/27: Charles - For nephew Brad, needs heart transplant; but more importantly he needs salvation.
3/27: Ellen - Healing for old knee injury
3/27: Kathy - For Bob, 66 has Congestive Heart failure and COPD. Protection from virus.
3/27: Kathy- For Jeff, for his physical well being.
3/27: For Ernie and Ruth - unnamed requests
3/27: Debbie and Charles - for the right home, provision and wisdom
3/19 : Antonia - Please pray for her upcoming surgery, and that there is no cancer.
3/19: Scott G. - Prayers that he has no need  for surgery for obstruction and that his medicines work well. For protection (he’s in the hospital currently).--3/27 praise- he is out of the hospital and doing well!
3/19: Judy B. - For my granddaughter, Nikki. She is a respiratory therapist and is being sent to Ashland to take care of the patients there that are infected. Please pray for them-she has 3 small children.
3/15: Shirley Barrow - Please pray for my legs to stop spasming at night so I can sleep. Unable to sleep because of it.  For the Lord to open up the right home for son Gary and wife , Tina as they move to Truckee to assume pastorate there
3/15: Brycen S. - For my mother and grandmother that God would heal their illness and ease their pain.
3/15: Nicole Sue Wells - Our church shut down because of the virus. We need help on regarding judgement.
3/15: Dennis - Pray for a young lady I am acquainted with. She has been plagued by anxiety for over 20 years and cannot get help from the state or county.
3/8: Suzanne - My husband has dementia and is not sleeping at night anymore. Please pray he will begin sleeping again and for God to restore him in body, soul and spirit.
3/8: Anonymous - For salvation for my sons, Bob and Tom..
3/1: Anonymous - A good fit for foster care placement; that we can make a difference in a  child's life.
3/8: For youth and Jesus Pizza Club kids- that they would live their lives for Him and be a godly witness for His glory! That they would grow mightily in Him.
3/8 Missy:
Please pray for court coming up for Aurelius, that the truth comes out and those who are innocent will be free! Also for strength, help, and wisdom with many issues that have arisen. That my Suburban would get fixed.
3/1: U-Turn men and leaders - For healing and restoration of them and their families, and for Christ to be the center of their families. Perseverance in Christ and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit daily.
3/1: Jean Sweat - 1) For my daughter Marion, She is getting worse and is getting despondent and having erratic behavior. Pray for the miracle of complete healing for her.
2) For my granddaughter, Breanna - she has an MRSA infection of her pelvis and is in isolation- for salvation and healing.
3/1 :Anonymous - Please pray for protection from the Coronavirus for our church, loved ones and wherever it is a threat.
3/1 : Mary - Please pray for the Lord to open up a job for me.

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