CCGP's Vision Statement

The vision of CCGP is to be a Gospel-centered, Bible teaching, ever growing body of believers
Who are committed in knowing Jesus and making Him known by being conformed to His image through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Where we carry out the great commission by building God's kingdom for His glory, where real life and faith intersect, embracing the lost,
Equipping the saints and educating the next generation.
Where we show God's love practically; through outreach, spreading God's grace with His acts of Agape love.

Worship • Living a life of praise, thanksgiving and obedience to God for who He is and what He has done on our behalf, demonstrated on the Cross.

Teaching the Word • Studying and applying God's word in order to know Him  and appropriate His word into our everyday life.

Praying • Interceding for others and joining God in His work around the world.

Gospel Missions • Impacting our city and culture by sharing the Gospel through outreach.

Fellowship • Uniting a community of believers who have one mind, are in one accord and worshipping one Lord in order to stir up love and good works.